In today’s world, non-profit organizations have become a vital part of our society. Non-profit organizations not only provide crucial services and resources to help with a widespread problem, but they also help countless communities around the world. To maintain a successful non-profit organization, it is essential to maintain both large and small donors to help support its mission. Therefore, a crucial group of donors that organizations should focus on are major donors. 

According to Donor Search, approximately 90% of donations a non-profit organization receives comes from 10% of donors. This indicates the ongoing need to secure major donors for nearly every organization around the country. To make the most out of major donors, consider the following tips. 

Determine Your Strategy
The first step to remember when finding major donors is that there should be a strong strategy to achieve the goals. Things to consider when building the strategy include who should be contacted, what information that will be presented, and what the different donation levels are available. Doing this first can help streamline the process, but it can also make it easier to present the information when communicating with potential donors. Having the information prepared can also point out the significance of donations from major donors. 

Create A Recognition Program
A great way to encourage potential donors is to create an ongoing recognition program. A recognition program can not only highlight the generosity of major donors, but it can act as a great talking point when communicating with potential donors. The program should include specific recognition incentives and outline the different levels of recognition based on the donation amount. 

Provide Access To Resources & Events
Non-profit organizations that provide resources or planned events should also consider providing access to these items for major donors. This also acts as a great incentive for potential donors and can also help increase the overall level of awareness within the community. 

It is also important to remember that consistent communication will be a significant factor in securing major donors. Don’t be afraid to reach out to potential donors in an effort to follow up on previous conversations. A strong communication strategy in place, combined with the tips listed above, can help secure the major donors needed for a non-profit organization’s long-term success.