Corporate responsibility is becoming more important. Ass such, companies are starting to plan ways to get involved in the community and the global space and make a difference. However, creating programs designed to give back is only part of the solution. If you want to make an appropriate impact on society, you will need to develop ways to get your employees to participate willingly.

That said, the task is actually much easier than it sounds. Here are some tried and true ways to get your staff on board when it comes to corporate philanthropy:

Involve the Community

You don’t have to limit corporate responsibility to the management and employees of your business. You can bring many other volunteers in to assist your team. It has been said that up to three-quarters of employees are usually willing to sway friends and relatives to participate in charitable events. The more people involved, the more likely it is that your affair will be a success!

Keep Tabs on What Matters

While employees are basically aware of particular causes and the reasons why they should donate their time and money to them, it is imperative that your company educates them on why the need is so critical. Pamphlets and emails discussing a cause are sure to keep the cause in the hearts and minds of those workers, so they are more likely to desire to volunteer in the future.

Be an Example

If you want employees to dedicate themselves to your company’s favorite charities, you should start the effort by becoming a cheerleader for the causes yourself. If corporate and management employees participate in charitable drives and events, others will follow.

Make a Competition Out of It

If charitable giving seems boring or like additional work, the best thing to do is gamify it. That means turning it into a friendly competition. You can start teams between departments or between workers and management. You can even offer prizes, like a pot luck lunch party for the winners, or drinks after work, paid for by the company.

In conclusion, it may not be easy to engage employees in the extra work that comes with being involved in philanthropic causes. Still, these simple tips should persuade even the most stubborn or busy individual workers to participate happily.