Chad Kagen


Relentless Optimist & Devoted Realist

Chad Kagen is a Washington, D.C. based principal founder, entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist. Since 2013, he has dedicated a large portion of his time working with organizations that advocate education, the arts, environmentalism, animal rights, human rights, and numerous other causes that he strongly believes in.

Chad has previously worked with the The Nature Conservancy, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, World Wildlife Fund, WildAid, Environmental Defense Fund, The Conservation Fund, Earthworks, SPCA International,  the Human Rights Foundation,, American Humane, American Red Cross, Scholarship America, World Resources Institute, ACLU, Government Accountability Program, The Alzheimer’s Association, Institute of Higher Education Policy, Habitat for Humanity International Entertainment Industry Foundation, Helen Keller International, Museum of Modern Art, American Cancer Society, Smithsonian Institution, various arts and humanities charities, to name just a few. He also regularly combines his professional interests with his philanthropic pursuits, serving on the Workforce Housing Committee of the Washington District Council and volunteering for the Urban Plan program in New York City. 

At the heart of Chad’s career and philanthropy is the desire to help better the lives of others. He is an ardent believer in the idea that if you’re moderately successful, you can make something of your life, but if you’re really successful, you’ll make something of someone else’s. As an accomplished businessman, Chad Kagen feels a responsibility to help share his success through exemplary worldwide philanthropic endeavors. 

Chad Kagen began his career working at Blackstone in New York City but decided to leave the company when an exciting opportunity in the investment world emerged. Almost a decade later, he has founded a myriad of successful companies, such as an ultra-high frequency technology trading firm and an options-based hedge fund. 

His companies, including Obsidian Capital Group, Vertu Equity, Magic Worx Partners, and Kagen Interests, have subsequently labeled Chad as one of the most notable entrepreneurs in the world of finance. His career has taken him across the globe where he has established and fostered a myriad of influential connections.

Chad Kagen’s professional, educational, and philanthropic pursuits have resulted in an extensive, integral business and personal network with influential connections that span the east coast and have proved fruitful in a wide array of his investment visions. He possesses two undergraduate degrees, a B.S. in Finance and a B.A. in International Business from the University of Virginia, an M.S. in Economics and M.S. in Decision Sciences from George Washington University, and has been working on obtaining his Ph.D. in Business.